Amazing feedbacks for the An Autumn for Crippled Children new album “The Long Goodbye”


Amazing feedbacks for the An Autumn for Crippled Children new album “The Long Goodbye”

Just to mentioned the latest: 95/100 “, An Autumn for Crippled Children easily standout with soul crushing releases like this one, so if you are into older Alcest, Lantlos, Deafheaven, and Ghost Bath, look no further and pick up a copy of this one.” 4.5/5 “An Autumn For Crippled Children are potentially the most important creative act currently active on black metal’s cutting edge” 8.7/10 “firmly believe An Autumn For Crippled Children are one of the bands at the apex of the foggy, icy covered black-gazed mountain top. With The Long Goodbye, they have elevated their game to the highest level by dumbing down their approach. A simple but effective maneuver, when euphoric atmosphere and blinding aura are smoothly ingested without much ado, music of this kind has fulfilled its purpose.

Deadrhetoric 8.5/10 “If you’ve yet to check out AAFCC, do yourself a favor and pick up this release – it’s one of their best.” 8/10 “The Long Goodbye will only serve to enhance that standing, with the exploration of death rock, alongside their usual despondency and delicate post-Black metal, adding a welcome vibrancy and impetus.”

Unholynoise “An engaging, haunting, raw and beautiful listen,’ The Long Goodbye’ offers a concoction that few other experimental bands have achieved, and will undoubtedly provide yield greater treasures with further listening and the passage of time.” “AAFCC aren’t clones—they mutate Lifelover’s ethos into a gnarlier, and at the same time beautiful, sound.”

newnoisemagazine “this is a truly great album, however you wish to label it.” “These guys are dialing in their knack for enveloping the listener on this, another great release from a consistently great band.”  “A type of band that’s an absolute acquired taste, without themselves an undesirable taste. Which, is hard with a death metal genre.”  “The strength of these dynamics, and the quality of the melodies on offer, are a valuable contribution to a still-exciting scene and, when applied with such skill and intricacy, make for one of the best offerings from the band yet.” “There is no doubt in my mind that The Long Goodbye is AAfCC‘s best work, achieved through minor improvements across their last three releases.” “The future is An Autumn for Crippled Children” “Who started to follow them won’t stop today” “AAFCC are back with a sensual and introspective platter”

metal maniac “I invite you all to have an open mind and check “The Long Goodbye”. It proves that experimental music doesn’t have to be simply “weird”, but rather well-composed, recorded and to be passionate”

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