ETERNAL LP Preorder featuring An Autumn for Crippled Children – Delivered by October 7th



The New An Autumn for Crippled Children “Eternal” album is planned to be delivered by October 7th.

Only Vinyl is real and the new An Autumn For Crippled Children decadent opus “Eternal” will be printed limited to 200 copies

Preorders are taken on our bigcartel site and bandcamp, where as extra it includes unlimited streaming of ETERNAL via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3 format.


1. Eternal Youth 04:28
2. I Will Never Let You Die 04:12
3. On Fire 04:20
4. Farewell 03:59
5. This Small Space You Occupied Is So Empty Now 04:52


6. You Have Been In The Shadows For So Long 05:03
7. Days Of Sleep 04:54
8. Swallowed By Night’s Despair 03:26
9. Cloud Mood 04:30
10. Matters Of The Heart 04:51
Total Running Time: 44 min 25 sec.

Main theme’s on this album will be the usual deadly mixture of decay, sense of loss & scent of death.
Rotten, polluted & abrasive as AAFCC are able to deliver.


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