De Profundis – Kingdom of The Blind



“Kingdom Of The Blind” featuring ten stunning tracks of progressive, melodic death metal, being without any doubt the finest album to bear the DE PROFUNDIS name. More challenging, more extreme, more captivating and addictive than anything they have released before, Kingdom Of The Blind will thrill DE PROFUNDIS’ devoted fans and draw many new listeners into their cult of technically breathtaking, atmospheric death metal mastery.

The comes complete with some wonderfully evocative artwork, courtesy of Costin Chioreanu, renowned for his work with Arch Enemy, Darkthrone, At The Gates, Grave and many others.

2014 was an excellent year for DE PROFUNDIS as they drew plaudits from around the globe for their fantastic Frequencies EP. The EP hit the top spot in the Zero Tolerance Magazine readers’ poll, running away with the award for the best self release of the year and bassist Arran McSporran also featured in the top ten bassists of the year – amongst some illustrious company like Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), David Vincent (Morbid Angel) and Glen Benton (Deicide).



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