EBONILLUMINI – ARKTOS in stock on early June


Ebonillumini are a band of musical traveling nomads who embark upon geographical journeys of discovery. Their mission is to illuminate all things hidden within the ebon shadows of earth, space and time. Musically the band can be described as avant-garde Black Metal with underlying tones of Jazz, Classical, and Acoustic dark Ambient. The cultural musical influences also arise from the lands in which they find themselves. “Aktos”, the second full length album by Ebonillumini, is a continuation of the encyclopedic chapter series. Music meant as a sublimation of the spiritual journey, like a cheeky beggar. It is based on a musical concept developed upon geographical exploration and the unveiling of lost forgotten realities, mysteries and legends.

Let your soul be guided by the female singer charismatic voice, transmitting all the experience of a profound life, overcoming the limit of everyday existence.

Soundcloud track / sample of the forthcoming album:


01 – The Coral Castle – (Florida) 7:26
02 – Lusca – (Bahamas) 6:41
03 – Taino People – (Puerto Rico) 6:26
04 – Crystal Pyramid – (Bermuda) 7:11
05 – Dolphinius – (Celestial Equator) 3:38
06 – Land Where The Wild Grapes Grow (Vinland) 7:23
07 – Ghost Ship – (Baffin Island) 4:35
08 – Ursus Bear – (Arctic Circle) 6:21
09 – Aurora – (Greenland) 6:16
10 – Oceanic Abyss – (Iceland) 9:45
Total time 64:42 min

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