Ebonillumini: the perpetual travelers join Wicker Man Recordings



Here comes another exciting signing: Ebonillumini. Expect the release of their new effort around October 2014 !


Ebonillumini are a female fronted act based in London, England / Oslo, Norway / Nova Scotia, Canada . A band of traveling nomads embarking upon geographical journeys of discovery. Their mission to illuminate all things hidden within the ebon shadows of earth, space and time.

The structure of Ebonillumini concept is a geographical exploration of earth and space, it will always remain dominant and integral as it is limitless in its scope and gives Ebonillumini the creative freedom they require to develop and expand the music beyond such limitations that might be present in other concepts.

The places they travel will determine the vibe of each release: Ebonillumini are in the process of planning the new albums route and will be starting their journey where it ended on the Pacificum Album-Kukulkan Pyramid, Mexico.

Ebonillumini will then venture out into the Atlantic Ocean taking in the mystery of The Bermuda Pyramid and head onto the North and into the Arctic with their final destination being Iceland.

Ebonillumini have decided to take this route as they already have plans for the 3rd album which will feature the UK & Victorian London, so Iceland will be a good place to end their 2nd effort.

Musically the band can be described as avant-garde Black Metal with underlying tones of Jazz, Classical, and Acoustic dark Ambient. The cultural musical influences also arise from the lands in which they find themselves.

Ebonillumini were originally formed in London in 2008 by  J.D. Tait (The Meads of Asphodel/The Higher Craft) & Christina Poupoutsi (The Higher Craft).

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