“The Long Goodbye” finally in stock on March 16th


An Autumn For Crippled Chilren – The Long Goodbye finally in stock on March 16th, all shipment are going to happen between March 16th-18th

The iconic and mysterious Dutch ensemble is back to cast a shadow on your gloomy winter days with their unique blend of primordial black metal harshness and indie genius. Another lesson of eerie yet sophisticated art to be released in limited digipack edition with 8 pages booklet .


1) The Long Goodbye 4:58
2) Converging Towards the Light 4:12
3) A New Form of Stillnes 4:03
4) Only Skin 5:01
5) When Night Leaves Again 4.10
6) She’s Drawning Mountains 4.40
7) Endless Skies 5.44
8) Gleam 3.54
9) The Sleep of Rust 4.22

Total Running time: 41 min 4 sec

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